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about sv

saint [someone who does good onto others]
vegan [one who does not consume animals or animal products]
ann [an homage to my beautiful mother, lisbeth ann]
warm welcome to saintvegann, a lifestyle brand focused on wellness being a timeless act. no matter who or where you are, no matter the year, we know you'll bring the SV mentality along. we're home to the highest quality, organic cotton garments that you'll never want to take off. 
meet karissa birthwright. the creator of saintvegann, a brand that has grown exponentially since it's foundation has been poured. dating back to 2019 when the idea came about for a vegan friendsgiving, and blossomed into a company focused on plant-based living, cooking, thinking + comfort in your own skin.
a former collegiate athlete, mental health + wellness advocate, human resources  + psychology professional, she makes sure there is intention with each facet of her brand. as she continues to grow saintvegann®, keep a look out for where she'll be digging roots next.