saint [someone who does good onto others]
vegan [one who does not consume animals or animal products]
ann [an homage to my beautiful mother, lisbeth ann]
warm welcome to saintvegann, a plant-based brand that is home to one of a kind, hand-bleached pieces, showing ease of dedication to a vegan lifestyle.
as published in 585mag and Jejune Magazine.
i'm karissa birthwright. the creator of saintvegann, a brand that has grown exponentially since it's foundation has been poured. dating back to 2019 when the idea came about for a vegan friendsgiving, i got my people together + branded it. the hand-bleached clothing came about when i tried to make  new outfits for an LA trip, + now look how far we've come. 
4 collections, 3 collaborations, over $3.5k donated, and 500+ orders fulfilled. 
plant based #forallforever. 
by supporting sv, you are always rooting for something bigger than you + i.
. no hate, judgement or bigotry will be tolerated in the saintvegann community. the more we aim to create a space for all to come together, we can open our eyes to the beautiful art, gifts, + magic the universe has to offer.