SV ups

click here to read an article x Carina Rivera for Jejune Magazine on SVups.

what is sv ups? 

think “saintvegann upcycle” -  the sustainability measure sv is taking. all pieces are upcycled, one/one clothes that will be available for purchase at a very low price. these include but are not limited to bleached “mistake” clothing, GOOD CONDITION donated clothes, thrifted clothes + “extras” that won’t quite make it to the front of sv. 

why should i do this?

by upcycling your clothes, you are contributing to the greater good. 50% of the price the piece is sold for is going directly to the charity in choice.

where do you source the clothing? 

you. thrift stores. earn up to $20 off your next order when you donate your GOOD CONDITION clothing for the sv ups program. 


shoot an email to to get started. 

subject must state SV ups.

clothes are accepted based on need, GOOD CONDITION, + quantity. 

you may not earn the full $20, & your clothing may not be taken.